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League Rules/Regulations and Forms

    -  MRL   Referee Instructions    Condensed Rules

    -  Mich State Developmental League   Rules

    -  Mich State Premier League   Referee Instructions   Rules and Regs

    -  NWOYSL    Information and Rules

    -  Pacesetter Adult    Rules

    -  2014 State Cup   Referee Procedures     State Cup Rules

Referee's Assignment Policy

Accept or reject assignments upon receipt. If you are unable to work a match that you have accepted, contact your Assignor personally immediately - no later than 72 hours before the match time, except in cases of critical illness or acute emergency.

Officiate the game as assigned to you. Do not switch assignments at the field unless it has been approved by your assignor. If the assignor is not available then this should only be done in case of emergency.  Report any switch or no show by another official to your Assignor.

OFFICIALS MAY NOT CANCEL ONE ASSIGNMENT IN ORDER TO WORK ANOTHER except in the case of State Cup, ODP or other USSF mandated assignments. 


All officials need to complete Concussion Certification.

The link for this course is under the LINKS tab on our website.