USSF recert and new classes in NWO have been completed

Below are links to the FIFA Laws for 2015-2016 and for Game Officials where you can find if there are other classes still available elsewhere.

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Scholarships available - click Terry Thompson Scholarship for more information and application

Click here for Sportsworld video from recert class

NEW RULES FOR HEADING at U11 and UNDER effective immediately!

Following are the publications emailed by the respective organizations with explanation of the rule and the reasons why it was put into place. Please read and enforce.

US Soccer Heading

US Club Heading

Ohio North Heading

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League Rules/Regulations and Forms

    -  MRL   Referee Instructions    Rules

    -  Mich State Developmental League   Rules

    -  Mich State Premier League   Referee Instructions   Rules and Regs

    -  NWOYSL - under forms tab, scroll under league    Information and Rules

    -  Pacesetter Adult    Rules

    -  2015 State Cup   State Cup Rules